Warranty and service

All hydrotherapy equipment manufactured by POLYPROMSYNTES gets warranty and service.


  • For electric and plumbing equipment — 1 year.
  • Coating — 2 years.

A prerequisite for the Warranty is connection and commissioning of the equipment by a "Polypromsyntes" engineer or a dealer representative, certified by the manufacturer.
The Warranty is valid in case of compliance with safety requirements and the system maintenance rules.


Just at the stage of selecting of the hydrotherapy equipment, it is recommended to consult a service engineer of the manufacturer or a dealer representative on preparation of premises for installation and connection of a bathtub or a shower unit. Each product has its own requirements for water, electricity supply, and indoor space for easy operation and maintenance.

Connection, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment is carried out by specialists of "Polypromsyntes", or representatives of a certified dealer of the manufacturer.