The procedures of underwater massage shower, underwater vacuum massage and Charcot shower should be carried out by a personnel trained for such procedures.
If you have no experience in spa treatments and do not have any trained staff, we can provide the training.

The training is possible on the following subjects:

  • Underwater massage shower of high pressure
  • Underwater vacuum massage
  • Charcot shower

Duration of the training - 1 business day.
Optimum group - 2-3 persons.


  • Theoretical part outlining the basic principles of hydrotherapy, impact on a human body of baths and showers. Particular attention is paid to indications and contraindications to the underwater shower massage, vacuum massage and the Charcot shower.

Practical exercises.

  • Monitoring of the procedures by an experienced expert with comments on prioritization and treatment technology for each zone of a patient's body. Individual approach to each client, depending on body peculiarities, health and objectives. The trainees can ask questions and clarify details.
  • Procedures of underwater massage shower, vacuum massage and Charcot shower under guidance of an experienced masseur.

TUITION FEES are calculated in each case separately depending on a subject (underwater massage shower, vacuum massage, Charcot shower) and composition of the group.

REQUIREMENTS for participants of the training:

  • Basic medical education
  • Skills in classic massage technique

The training is conducted in Kyiv, on equipment of the hydrotherapy department in local clinics.