hydromassage of lower extremities (24 nozzles) with possibility of aeration with water jets
Price from 86000 UAH

Hydromassage procedures for the feet have a complex effect on the entire body due to the temperature and mechanical effects of water on numerous blood vessels located in the massage areas and not blocked by dense skin and fat layers.

AQUASMART is a product with a unique combination of aesthetic appearance and maximum comfort and functionality. The advantage of this bathtub over existing counterparts is the presence of a comfortable and durable seat with a swivel mechanism, integrated with the bathtub bowl into one design. This design solution allows patients of any age and weight to fit into the bathtub without any problems, even with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system. This is especially important for hydromassage procedures in medical institutions. For additional convenience of patients when placed in the bath and during the procedure, the bath is equipped with a metal handrail. The handrail is fixed in the area between the seat and the bath bowl.

The main function of the AquaSmart bathtub is hydromassage of the lower extremities. The massage is carried out using a system of 24 hydro-nozzles, to which high-pressure water jets are supplied. The water pressure is provided by a 1.1 kW electric motor. Hydro nozzles are located in specially designed recesses on the bath bowl for all massage zones: feet, lower legs, lateral legs. The control panel for turning the whirl system on and off is located on the front of the bath. There is also a regulator of the intensity of aeration of water jets in the hydro nozzles, which allows you to increase or decrease the pressure of the water jets on the patient's legs.

The AquaSmart bathtub has a very economical water consumption, only 60 liters per procedure. Filling in water takes 1.5 minutes, and water is drained in 2 minutes. Thus, with a whirlpool procedure lasting 20 minutes, a full service cycle for one patient, taking into account cleaning the bath surface, will take about 30 minutes.

The overall dimensions of the AquaSmart bathtub, taking into account the built-in chair, are 1.5x0.82x0.97 m (L / W / H). The body of the bathtub and the seat are made of fiberglass and are fixed on a sturdy aluminum alloy frame; removable decorative panels are installed on the sides of the bathtub.

Useful volume of the bath 60 l
Maximum volume of the bath 70 l
Time of bath filling (water pressure 5 Bar)  1 min 30 sec
Time of bath draining  min
Drain system - drain valve Ø 50 mm
Hot and cold water supply G 3/4"
Voltage 220 V
Dimensions (length, width, height) 1620х820х970 mm
Weight (not more) 75 kg
Material of bathtub fiberglass
Model Equipment Price, UAH with VAT
  • Hydro massage 24 nozzles 
  • Metal handrail
86 000