hydromassage with 50 nozzles with water jets aeration option
water disinfection using ozonation
Price from 179000 UAH

It is aunique bathtub, which internal configuration has a form of anatomical chaise longue and follows body contours with rests for hands, feet and head. The bathtub is equipped with 50 water jets located in hollows in order to achieve greater effectiveness of water jets:

  • 18 jets for back massage are located in reflex zones of neck and back, along spine and perform acupressure;
  • 8 nozzles are located in hands zone;
  • 16 nozzles are directed to zone of thighs and lower legs;
  • 2 nozzles are directed to one of the most important and effective areas for influence on human body - feet. Feet have a variety of reflex points responsible for virtually all body functions. Besides, this is a very pleasant massage; 
  • 6 nozzles are built into side walls of the tub and create a pleasant swirl across it, enveloping human body with jets and multiple twists.
    The massage force can be regulated by regulator of air supply to the nozzles.
Useful volume of the bathtub 420 l
Maximum volume of the bathtub 450 l
Time of bath filling (water pressure 5 Bar) 10 min
Time of bath draining  6 min
Automatically maintaned water temperature in a thermostatic control tap From 20° C to 45 °C
System of water draining ø 50 - 75 mm, optional
Hot and cold water supply G 1"
Voltage 220 V
Dimensions (length, width, height) 2330х1180х850 mm
Weight (not more) 170 kg
Material of bathtub fiberglass
Model Equipment


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- hydro massage with 50 nozzles with aeration of water jets

- chromo therapy

- ozone therapy

179 000