Mud therapy with water rinsing, all types of dry massage, wraps, peeling, masks, stone therapy, etc…
VICHI shower system with protective screen(optional)
Working zone heating system(optional)
Price from 53000 UAH

The product is used for cosmetic, preventive and therapeutic procedures. Cosmetic effect of pelotherapy (mud theraphy) appears in normalization of all skin functions, improving blood circulation, reducing irritation and inflammation, relieved muscle tension, rejuvenation and immunity boosting.

Medicinal properties of mud are successfully used in illnesses of musculoskeletal system and peripheral nervous system, rheumatism, polyarthritis, illnesses of genitourinary system, various inflammatory processes, allergies, etc. Various oils, salts, algae, etc. are widely used in health and beauty treatments.

The "VICHY" shower is designed to massage under "rain-jets", which effect is created by using 10 hydronozzles arranged in two rows. The main therapeutic factors of the "VICHY" shower are mechanical and temperature one. Pressure of water jets hitting the skin creates a special ionized zone. Thanks to this type of influence there significantly improves oxygen metabolism in skin cells, blood circulation and relieves nervous tension. Due to changes in temperature, pressure and angle of water supply there increases lymph outflow, relieves fatigue with an overall relaxing effect.

The "VICHY" shower is used for rehabilitation after injuries, metabolic disorders, high stresses, illnesses of joints and ligaments. This treatment is highly effective for cellulite reduction and skin elasticity increase as a complement to SPA programs and body correction programs.
The TALASSO VICHI couch is destined for use in spa and beauty clinics, health resorts, health and rehabilitation facilities.


Hot and cold water supply G 1/2“ with basic equipment, G ¾” version with Vichy shower
Water drainer ø 50-75 mm
Mud drainer hole ø 110 mm
Dimensions of the couch (length, width, height) 237985х820mm
Dimensions of the removable mud collection bin (length, width, height) 400х300х200 mm
Material of couch body fiberglass


Maximum heating temperature 40 °С
Supply voltage 220 V, 50 Hz
Heating element voltage 220 V
Heating element power 250 W


Hot and cold water supply G 3/4
Water supply pressure: min/norm/max 1/5/10 Bar
Automatically water temperature keeping in the thermostatic tap 20 °С – 45 °С
Fixation ability of maximum water temperature available
Dimensions of the couch with shower system "VICHI" (length, width, high) 2370x985x2020 mm
Materials of shower system Stainless steel, fiberglass
Model Equipment


UAH with VAT


- Fiberglass couch with water and mud drain system

- Shower head for hygienic cleaning of the couch

- Removable mud collection bin

- portablestairs

53 000
Working zone heating system 22 000

"VICHI" shower system with protective screen

78 000