"PROXIMA" shower installation (CHARCOT SHOWER)


Massage with water jets supplied from two independent channels
Control system of the circular shower and up-going shower
Price from 105000 UAH


- Adjustable temperature and water pressure in each separate massage nozzle

- Flexible massage nozzles provide easy change of water direction

- Attachments to massage nozzles that work in two modes: spot concentrated jet/plane jet for spray shower

- Possibility to limit a maximum water temperature to prevent burns to a patient

- Comfortable armrests, adjustable height

- Adjustment of water temperature using thermostatic tap

- Indicators of temperature and pressure of water jets on the control panel

- Possibility to quickly change a water temperature in the hose for dousing by the Kneipp method (add. option)

- Protective screen against spray with handrail for a patient (add. option)

- At insufficient pressure in water network, one can install an optional pumping station to increase water pressure supplied to the shower pulpit (add. option)

- We can match an individual colour for the products


Hot and cold water supply G 1"
Working pressure 3-4 Bar
Water supply pressure 4-5 Bar
Quantity of massage jets 2 pcs.
Water temperature adjustment 2 independent water channels
Water pressure adjustment Basic - 2, Lux - 4 independent water channels
Automatically water temperature keeping in the thermostatic tap 20 °С to 45 °С
Dimensions (length, width, height) 580х840х1010mm
Material of shower installation body fiberglass
Weight, not more 50 kg


  • The Charcot shower – massage with 2 water jets
105 000
  • Charcot shower – massage with 2 water jets
  • Control system of the circular shower and up-going
124 000
Contrast douche by Dr. Kneipp method 10 500
Protective screen with handrail 25 000
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