Bathtub with underwater massage "EVOLUTION"


Underwater massage of high pressure
Aero massage 20 nozzles with intensity adjustment
Chromo therapy (optional)
36 forsunok
Price from 152000 UAH

The internal form of the bathtub is designed in such a way that it is convenient to accommodate a person of any height and build. The handrails on the sides of the bowl of the bathtub, and the footrest in the foot zone allow the patient to be fixed in different positions during the shower massage.

The procedure of underwater hand shower-massage can be made more effective, supplementing it with the general hydromassage of the main zones of the body with jets of water from hydromassage jets (jacuzzi). This option is possible when buying models Hydro and HydroAero of the Evolution bath. These models contain 36 pcs of hydromassage jets, arranged as follows: 10 jets in the side zones, 10 jets in the back area, 2 jets in the foot zone and 14 jets in the shoulder and arm area. This arrangement of hydromassage jets allows to achieve maximum effect for improving the patient's well-being, preparation for the main procedure of hand massage with a shower.

Another possibility to expand the functionality of the whirlpool bath Evolution is the installation of an aeromassage system. This function is implemented in the models Aero and HydroAero of Evolution bath. Aeromassage is also called bubble, or pearl baths, because the massage procedure is performed with a lot of smallest air bubbles filling all the water in the bath. Air bubbles are supplied from 10 special nozzles at the bottom of the bathtub, using a hose system and an aero compressor.

As an additional option to the bath Evolution you can buy a nozzle for vacuum massage, which can be used periodically to replace the shower head. The principle of this massage is based on the creation inside the nozzle of negative pressure due to the rotation of the water jet. Vacuum hydromassage can be alternated with a hand-held underwater shower massage to better work out the most problematic areas of the body, for example in anti-cellulite programs.

Hydromassage baths provide ample opportunities in terms of varying of aromatic and mineral supplements, chromotherapy. In addition to the health and cosmetic effects of hydromassage procedures, such a bath will give unique sensations from contact with water and healing aromas.

Useful volume of the bathtub 270 l
Maximum volume of the bathtub 300 l
Time of bath filling (water pressure 5 Bar) 5 min
Time of bath draining (drainer ø 110) 4 min
System of water draining Drain valve ø 50 
Hot and cold water supply G 1"
Voltage 220 V
Power of electro engine of underwater massage 1,5 кW
Pressure in the system of underwater massage 0 – 5 Bar
Dimensions (length, width, height) 2310х990х970mm
Weight (not more) 180 kg
Material of bathtub fiberglass
Model Equipment Price, UAH with VAT
  • Underwater massage of high pressure
152 000
  • Underwater massage of high pressure
  • Hydro massage 3nozzles
195 000
  • Underwater massage of high pressure
  • Aero massage 20 nozzles
189 000
  • Underwater massage of high pressure
  • Hydro massage 36 nozzles
  • Aero massage 20 nozzles
228 000
Underwater vacuum massage 4 600
Chromo therapy 1 lamp 7400
Chromo therapy 2 lamp 11 500
Ozone therapy 16 000
Disinfection of hydro massage system 9 000
Option TURBO for hydro massage system 19 000