Balneological bathtubs

The best solution for the balneological spa procedures. Customers will appreciate the anatomical shape of the back, armrests, footrests. Streemlined, modern silhouette VEGA bath, ideal for the interior of the spa. Maximum efficiency of hydro-massage treatments is achieved by arranging the massage nozzles in a specially provided on the bath, optimal for the human body areas. The bath equipment includes a gas supply system into the water. This allows balneotherapy bath with radon, oxygen, etc.
Classical balneotherapy bath. Convenience and reliability of the ASTRA-1 bath supported by experience many resorts, spas, hotels, etc. The volume of water for a comfortable stay of the patient in the bath - about 300 liters. In the bath ASTRA-1 can be carried out all kinds of balneotherapy.
Bath designed for hydromassage and balneological procedures. VOLCANO bath can be installed in spas, hydrotherapy departments of clinics and other health institutions.
ASTRA bath can be used for any kind of balneological procedures.
Such bathe s are used for children's sanatoria, resorts, where carried balneological therapy of children. The advantage of the bath is an economical water consumption.
Bath ULTRA has small volume and the most compact dimensions. This bath can be installed in small spaces. Bath is popular in spas and wellness centers for children.
Bath ULTRA, as well as other models of balneological baths, can be used for all classical balneological procedures.
It is a unique bathtub, the inner surface is made in the form of an anatomical lounge bed, repeating the contours of the body with supports for arms, legs and head. The bath is equipped with 50 water nozzles located in the bowl, in order to achieve greater efficiency of the impact of water jets.
The AQUASMART bathtub is designed for foot hydromassage in spa and wellness resorts, clinics, rehabilitation centers, etc.. A feature of this model is the presence of a comfortable seat with a swivel mechanism, combined into one design with a bath.
The bath is designed for hydrotherapeutic procedures of the lower extremities with optional aeration of water jets. Nozzles are located anatomically, in reflexogenic zones. The ergonomic design, with a sitting place on the bath provides a comfortable location for the patient during the procedure.
Low water consumption is an additional advantage of the bathtub and space saving in the medical institution.
In addition to the hydro massage system, the option of a complete aero-massage system is provided.
The intended use for this bathtub is prevention and treatment of post-traumatic conditions, inflammatory processes, nervous system disorders, exhaustion of the neuromuscular apparatus of the upper extremities, as well as recovery of the body after excessive physical exertion. In order to achieve these goals, a highly whirlpool effect is used through adjustable nozzles, which are directed to the corresponding zones of the upper extremities. Massage is enhanced by the option of aerating the flow of water.
Comfort Bath with side door
Comfort bath is designed for both balneological and hydro-aero massage, as well as for ordinary hygienic procedures for elderly patients and patients with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system.
The design provides a convenient entry of the patient into the bath, for which a side hermetically closing door serves. The bath has a comfortable seat that allows the patient to sit comfortably for the procedure.
A sitting bath with a side door is irreplaceable for elderly patients and patients with impaired functions of the musculoskeletal system.
The bath is designed for hydrotherapeutic procedures of the lower extremities. A two-piece bowl allows for procedures, individually on each of the lower extremities, adjusting the intensity of the water flow depending on the requirements of the individual patient.
For the comfort of the patient during the procedures, it is supplied with a adjustable in height chair.
Hydro massage procedures are highly effective for improvement of peripheral blood and lymph circulation, a general tonic effect, reduction of pain and swelling in the extremities, improvement of night sleep, relief of migraines, etc…