Equipment for underwater massage of high pressure

The shape and volume of the Aquilon bathtub allows it perform the procedure of underwater massage as efficiently as comfortably.
Aquilon is the ideal solution for sanatoriums, spas, hotels, as well as for spa and fitness centers.
The Evolution bathtub will give you an opportunity to provide underwater massage even in limited space. The volume of the tub was designed for water saving and its shape allows you to perform massage of all zones of the patient’s body.
The spacious volume and shape differs in the Geyser bathtub, it makes it more convenient for the patient and for the work of a massage therapist.
The AQUA OPTIMUM is a standalone mobile device designed for applying underwater massage of high-pressure in baths or pools where this option was not originally provided. This equipment can be used in any baths or pools that allows you to place the body comfortably and meet with the safety standards of this procedure. There is a smooth adjustment of the jet stream pressure to make the process more comfortable. The removable front panel provides easy access for maintenance. The ergonomic handles and swivel wheels with brake mechanisms allows you to move the devise easily without hindrance.