Equipment for hydrotherapy

Underwater hand-held shower massage is carried out in professional bathtubs. Their volume should be at least 400 liters, so the operator can treat all parts of a patient's body with adequate quality. The bathtubs are equipped with shower hose fed with water under high pressure. The massage is carried out by means of special heads on the hose.

The Charcot shower procedure needs an area about 4 m in length, where the shower pulpit is installed. The wall opposite to the pulpit should have a rail for a patient. The patient is massaged with water jets coming from nozzles. The control panel of the pulpit has thermometers and manometers to control temperature and water pressure at the nozzles.

Massages with different oils and creams, wraps, peels, mud - all these procedures require a comfortable couch (massage table). The surface of the couch should be resistant to moisture and easy to clean. A further advantage is heating of the working area. The range of procedures carried out on the couch can be increased by ordering the couch with the "Vichy" shower system, i.e. a massage with "rain" jets.

Balneal bathtubs unlike the household ones have a larger volume, anatomical shape, professional hydromassage system, gas supply system. The procedure is accompanied with a very special atmosphere: aromatherapy oils, candles, relaxing music. The healing effect is due to a mineral or sea water. The water may be natural or specially prepared by adding of various components - mineral, aromatic ones, etc.