Bathtub cleaning and disinfection

Treatment type
Application frequency
Treatment method
Regular bathtub cleaning
If necessary, but at least 1 time per week
For bathtub cleaning one should use soft tools (sponges, rags, etc.) that do not make scratches on its surface. Cleaning is carried out using a household liquid detergent. The detergents must not contain abrasive (scratching) particles, acids, alkalis, chlorine, organic solvents (alcohol, white spirit, etc.). Before using any detergent one should carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations on application on acrylic surfaces.
Disinfection of bathtub surface
After each procedure
In a separate container one should prepare a solution of disinfectant "Famidez® Combi", "FAN" or any other substance of the same destination. The dosage for these substances is 20 ml per 1 liter of water. If you select a different desinfectant, please read the manufacturer's instructions on dosage for working solutions. The treatment is carried out with a soft sponge or cloth soaked in the solution. The solution should be applied to the surface of the bathtub and left for 5 minutes. Then, the surface should be wiped with a sponge or a cloth and rinsed with water.
Disinfection of hydromassage systems
1-2 times per month, depending on number of procedures

For cleaning and disinfection of hydromassage systems it is recommended to use concentrated cleaning agents like «Glutoclean», «HG», or other substances of the same destination.

One can use water left after the last treatment, or a fresh one; its level should be 5 cm above the top nozzle. Please add a cleanser with the following dosage: "Glutoclean" - 30 ml of product per 100 liters of water, "HG" - 20 ml of product per 100 liters of water. For bathtubs with integrated disinfection system, please add the concentrate to a specially provided container. The hydromassage system should be switched on and operated for 15 minutes.

Then, drain the solution and rinse the hydromassage system with clean water.


Bathtub disinfectants


Famidez® Combi

Combined concentrate with a high detergency

Manufacturer: DesoMark, Ukraine


1 l - 477 UAH

10 l - 4524 UAH



1 l - 270 UAH


Disinfectants for hydromassage systems



Cleaner for hydromassage systems


Manufacturer: Pufas, Germany


1 l - 273,42 UAH



Hygienic cleaner for hydromassage bathtubs

Manufacturer: Netherlands


1 l - 318,2 UAH

Cost calculation for bathtub disinfection with the AQUILON underwater massage shower
Disinfection of bathtub surface

Average number of procedures per day: 5-6
Consumption of working solution for each procedure: about 200 ml, i.e. on a day one needs about 1 liter of the solution that contains 20 ml of disinfectant.
Product consumption per month - 600 ml, i.e. 1 liter of substance is enough for 2 months.
Costs for the disinfectant make 93 - 175 UAH per month, depending on a selected substance.

Disinfection of hydromassage systems

If the disinfection is carried 2 times a month, the substance consumption is 150 ml x 2 = 300 ml/month.
1 liter is enough for 3 months.
The purchase costs - 67 UAH/month.

If the disinfection is carried 2 times a month, the substance consumption is 100 ml x 2 = 200 ml/month.
1 liter is enough for 5 months.
The purchase costs - 49 UAH/month.